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Masterseek's vision is to organize the world business information and provide in a useful format

Company Overview

Founded in 1999 by the Danish entrepreneur Rasmus Refer, and powered by its leading-edge business-search engine technology, Masterseek continues to grow rapidly as the leading online platform for business information. Masterseek is truly a global business search engine, offering access to the world's largest searchable database of business information. Masterseek has many devoted users who require quick access to credible and relevant search results in order to make good business decisions.


Masterseek strives to continue providing businesspeople with the most complete, relevant and accurate business information available on the Internet, and will continue to gather, analyze and present information to businesspeople in ever-better ways. The Masterseek value proposition is to quickly deliver relevant, actionable results to businesspeople who demand value in exchange for their time spent searching for business information online.


The Masterseek goal is to deliver market width in the form of information regarding the greatest number of companies in the greatest number of countries worldwide, and to provide that information to the broadest spectrum of users, while also giving users depth of service by offering the richest, most comprehensive database of business information. Relevancy of search results is key for success-- Masterseek updates information frequently, and provides powerful tools to help searchers pinpoint relevant information quickly and easily. Masterseek aims to provide most services at no cost to searchers, since the Masterseek business model allows ample revenue opportunities through advertising sales and other means of leveraging the platform.

Technology Overview

Masterseek develops advanced software to collect and index Internet data in unique ways. Masterseek's technology is based on special web-crawlers, data mining software and advanced search algorithms, which quickly lead business-to-business searchers toward their desired, relevant results. This important technology makes possible many of the business-to-business applications now being commercialized. In the Masterseek laboratory, staff members work diligently to further build upon the company's core competencies in business search engine technology; Masterseek continues to lead the business information field with constant innovations to improve search technology.

Business Overview

Masterseek allows advertisers to target buyers and business decision-makers during the phase when they are most approachable and most likely to buy. Business-to-business searchers leverage the Masterseek value proposition when they are actively researching companies and products, as they prepare for negotiations or purchases.


MasterRank is a proprietary points system developed by Masterseek as an aid to searchers. MasterRank ranks corporate websites based on their quality of presentation and popularity; it allows Masterseek users to quickly assess the relative value and credibility of a corporate website, and saves time by helping searchers to distinguish among a crowded field of results.

Other features and benefits for users of the Masterseek platform include:

  • A sophisticated business and product indexing system encompassing more than 110+ million businesses, which allows users to search by corporate names and brands, product or service category, industry, region, names of businesspeople, or even by Tweets, with news links to reach 346 million Twitter accounts;
  • Extended reach for social connections and profile-based networking, providing the missing link between social and business networking platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, reaching a community of to 135+ million active businesspeople worldwide, and with access to 86+ million e-mail addresses to contact them;
  • A listing of the 10,000 most popular brands of products and services;
  • Information and access to the top 16,000 stock-exchange-listed corporations;
  • A quick, easy self-service advertising program with reasonable pricing; it gives subscribers access to powerful marketing tools that allow them to reach new customers at minimal cost, including the ability to target advertising by search term, industry and region; advertisers can also categorize and target text advertisement and business profiles in up to 26 different languages;
  • Google Business Plugin;
  • Tools to generate sales leads, such as a Salesforce API and other data APIs; a Business Map Application and other new mobile applications are to be announced soon;
  • Interoperability and connectivity across diverse platforms, including mobile devices like iPhone and iPad, plus browser plugins for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • A new social business network-- Business subscribers retain full control over profiles and advertising content, which is increasingly important as viral growth of both the user community and database makes the distinction between social and business marketing less important;
  • Press Room, which allows for the self-distribution of press releases and other corporate information;
  • Job Board, a soon-to-be-announced forum for job-seekers and professional notices;

Corporate & Stock Information

Masterseek Corporation
Incorporation Number: E-0399192005-0
1802 North Carson Street, Suite 212
Carson City, Nevada 89701

Officers and directors:

Rasmus Refer, Founder & President

As president of Masterseek, Rasmus Refer is responsible for day-to-day operations as well as strategic vision, product development and strategic technology. Rasmus Refer has developed web-crawlers and other innovative new technologies, which are currently pending patents.


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Management & Executive Staff


European Headquarters

Bredgade 31
1260 Kbh. K

Global Headquarters

Masterseek Corp.
1802 North Carson Street, Suite 212, Carson City,
Nevada 89701