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    SEC America, LLC designs and manufactures DC-DC converters, inverters, electrical interfaces, battery back ups, power supplies, battery chargers and more.SEC America, LLC designs and manufactures power conversion products for the supply of electricity. Models include DC-DC converters, inverters, electrical interfaces, battery back ups, power supplies, battery chargers and frequency converters for industria

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    RUGGED RELIABILITY EASY INSTALLATION SEC Tractor Trailer Electrical Interfaces provide electrical compatibility when trailer electrical specifications between tractor and trailer do not conform to local standards. SEC America, LLC manufactures electrical interfaces for compatibility between military (NATO) prime movers and commercial trailers, as well as commercial prime movers and military (NATO) trailers. Custom configurations are also available. » learn more HIGH POWER RUGGED RELIABILITY SEC America’s DC-DC Converters are designed particularly for dependable operation in harsh environments. They are DC-DC converters for medium to high power applications. SEC America, LLC provides DC-DC Converters that are internally encapsulated for resistance to vibration and shock. Voltage step up DC-DC converters and step down DC-DC converters are available in a wide variety of voltages in the power range of 100W to 2000W. » learn more PURE SINE WAVE INVERTERS MODIFIED SINE WAVE INVERTERS A wide range of input voltages are available, including 12VDC and 24VDC, with a broad selection of power ratings from 300W to 2000W. For applications where power harmonics are undesirabl...

    , SEC America, LLC offers inverters with pure sine wave outputs for use in DC-AC systems, which typically operate with triggering signals derived only from sine wave power sources. » learn more ALTERNATIVE ENERGY CLEAN & SILENT Surefire Stove Sentries are automatic Battery Backups for corn stoves, wood pellet stoves, gas heaters, kerosene heaters, and water circulation pumps. Pump Sentry Battery Back Ups are fully automatic, clean, instant emergency power for Sump Pump and submersible pumps. Protect against power failure to basement pumps with simple-to-implement Pump Sentry Battery Back Up. » learn more SMART CHARGERS FOR LEAD ACID AND GEL BATTERIES SEC America, LLC Battery Chargers are multi-stage battery chargers designed to ensure safe, complete and rapid recharge of lead acid batteries. SEC America, LLC Battery Chargers are highly efficient and light. SEC America, LLC Battery Chargers are available for 12V and 24V systems. SEC America, LLC Battery Chargers are fully automatic and suitable for lead acid, AGM, and gel batteries. » learn more 12 VDC BATTERY SUBSTITUTION SEC America, LLC offers Rack Mountable DC Power Supplies, OEM Power Supplies, and Communication Series Desktop Power Supplies. They are compact and lightweight, with switch mode technology design. All models are designed for 12V battery subsitution for equipment in communications and industrial applications. SEC BRM Series rack mountable DC Power Supplies provide 13 Volts DC with maximum currents from 40A up to 100A. » learn more

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