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Hamilton Brooke

Marketing and Advertising

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Updated May 25, 2016 Edit
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    St Peter Port, Guernsey

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    Rouge Rue

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    Marketing and Advertising

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    Guernsey's Full Service Marketing Agency. Providing services in graphic design, advertising, communications and web design in the Channel Islands.
    Established 24 years ago, Hamilton Brooke has built a reputation for an innovative approach and the ability to provide clients with solutions that make significant contributions to increasing their business. Strategy, creativity and passion mixed in with our experience and understanding of your target market are ingredients that we apply to all of our work, and the outcome is success. We want to get to know you and your target audience. We will spend time researching your business, discovering your objectives and listening to you in order to suggest marketing routes that will make you achieve your goals and turn your target market into repeat business. Specialties Advertising, Graphic Design, Digital, Email Marketing, Corporate Communications

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    10+ buyers and decision-makes have give Hamilton Brooke excellent service.

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