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IOMA Group

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Updated May 25, 2016 Edit
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    Douglas, Isle of Man

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    Hope Street

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    Financial Services

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    Isle of Man Assurance Group. IOMA join us on a voyage. IOMA Group works with private clients, IFAs and professional firms to build wealth.
    IOMA Group works with private clients, IFAs and professional firms to build wealth. That is our prime goal. Using our expertise, we develop and manage products to suit particular situations. We offer a complete wealth and risk management service from our base in the Isle of Man, one of the world’s best regulated and most successful financial centres. Clients choose the IOMA group because they want to see the value of their wealth increase. We aim to work with people who are looking for a long-term relationship where we can concentrate on managing risk and improving performance steadily. Our reach is global. Clients include affluent private clients, UK and international IFAs, private bankers, professional firms and tax advisers looking for tax-efficient products and services. Size is no barrier to taking on a client. Rather, we look to work with like-minded, ambitious clients who share common values. The same pioneering spirit that motivated our partners to set sail across the North Sea in a Viking longship pervades the group today. All of our subsidiary businesses share that same sense of adventure. They are willing to seek new horizons as they identify new solutions for clients. Yet, ambition is always tempered with cautious pragmatism. Flexibility and innovation, likewise, are matched by a relentless pursuit of good, long-term performance.

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    10+ buyers and decision-makes have give IOMA Group excellent service.

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