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    La Spezia, Italy

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    via Del Molo 64/b
    19126, La Spezia

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    Giulio Peoni

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    Tank-cleaning, Decontamination Of Tank, Reclamation Tank Off Of Ethilation Plants, Tanksweep, No Entry Sistem

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    SEPOR S.p.A. is leader in industrial cleaning, tank cleaning, industrial tank cleaning, sludge removal, oil recovery, oil tank cleaning, crude oil tank cleaning, tank cleaning nozzles, storage tank cleaning, oil sludge removal, oil recovery system, heavySepor is Italy’s leading provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services. Sepor has the technical know-how and experience required to successfully clean even the most difficult tanks: our team of experts will guarantee you a clean, gas-free tank irrespective of its size or the quantity or viscosity of the residual product. The company provides its tank cleaning service in the industrial and naval environment. Our crews’ equipment trailers are the result of over forty years experience resulting in a detailed inventory of pumps, winches, hoses, connections, safety equipment and many other items specifically required on tank cleaning projects. Sepor uses hydraulically powered pumps that can be placed inside tanks through a man-way and then moved around as necessary . All equipment is either air or hydraulically powered to allow working in potentially explosive environments. Each crew is equippe...

    with breathing equipment, monitors and all prescribed personal protective equipment. Our decontamination operations, mainly for the oil sector, are aimed at the storage tanks and production plants where precautionary removal of waste (left-overs, incrustations, steams and gasses) is necessary in order to carry out either repairs or anticorrosion protection in Gas-free environments.

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