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    I prodotti TOPP sono progettati per risolvere facilmente ogni esigenza di apertura automatica di serramenti: porte, finestre cupole e lucernariTopp was founded in 1996 as a merger of creativity, technical skill and experience in the development of cutting-edge products. The quality of the materials and the innovative solutions applied, combined with technical reliability and modern design, enabled Topp to achieve a position of international renown in the sector of automation for doors, windows, domes and skylights. Topp makes use of the modern, state-of-the-art technologies of 3D engineering. The aid of laser sinterizers for rapid prototyping accelerates the process of study and industrialization of the products and confirms the high level of Topp's manufacturing methods. The success of TOPP is the conquest of a broader, more demanding market that exalts, involves and stimulates its search for rational, innovative solutions.


    Via Galvani, 59, Sandrigo, Italy

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  • Elena Beaupain

    Far East Business Development at Topp spa

    Elena Beaupain
    Far East Business Development at Topp spa
    Topp spa


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