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    BENVENUTI! SIO PERUGIA affronta ogni sua realizzazione con la finalità di offrire al cliente soluzioni informatiche di massima soddisfazione. continua >>.COMPANY PROFILE Specialized in Networking & Communication environments SIO PERUGIA’s aim is to establish a long-term partnership with their customers and supply them with the best solutions to any connectivity need. We also provide the highest level of customer support and propose a wide range of high performance and high quality connectivity products. We use quality assurance systems and our company is ISO 9001 certified. OUR SKILLS Founded in 1984 SIO PERUGIA promote and sell a very complete line of hardware and software products. SIO PERUGIA have built during years of activity a strong network of distribution in Middle and North Italy. We have realized the first Arcnet networkings in Italy and we have developed know-how in data transmission and communication between remote systems with all kind of available connectivity equipment. OUR SERVICES We can summarize the our most important activities in • consulting, designing and supplying LAN e WAN turn-key and unattended working systems; • networking training and assistance; • internet communication and security solutions • video conferencing, tele-assistance and data transmission in general. We are Rockware and Golden Software Italian Dealer and sell over 300 geological software.


    Via Mentana 66, Perugia, Italy


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