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    Collegno, Italy

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    VIa Podgora 13
    10093, Collegno

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    enrico La Malfa

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    Computer Software

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    Sviluppo software torino, consulenza informatica torino, azienda informatica torinoWave Informatica s.r.l. provides consulting services in the field of Information Technology. The varied landscape of the companies operating in this field we are distinguished by the high level of know-how that we use to deliver solutions to our customers is adequate in terms of technological and economic. Wave offers its expertise in the following areas: -Applications: Implementation of systems designed specifically to fulfill the best business objectives of the client. The design is a process of project management established and refined over time; -Customization of commercial products to add specific functionality; -Technologies work with the Politecnico di Torino for research projects and update on key technologies that are coming on the market; -Data Integration: development of procedures for porting data between applications with its consistency analysis; -System Integration: development of procedures for ""cooperation"" / ""data exchange"" between applications on different platforms; -Training: courses on design methodologies, the main languages ​​and design tools and offi....

    e automation; Specialties Development J2EE Applications, Consulting Software Design, Development Web Applications, Experience in Automotive Software

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    59 buyers and decision-makers have given Wave Informatica s.r.l. 3.9 by 5.0 points for products, experiences or excellent service.