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Ansaldo Energia

  • Ansaldo Energia

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    With an installed capacity of over 175,000 MW in more than 90 countries and about 3,500 workers, Ansaldo Energia is Italy’s largest supplier, installer and service provider for power generation plants and components, a leading international player and one of the finest expressions of Italian technology and innovation in the energy sector. Founded in 1863 it is a Finmeccanica Group company subject to joint direction and coordination by Finmeccanica and First reserve Power. It is full-cycle, integrated operator, with the capabilities to build turnkey power plants on green field sites using its own technologies and its own independent design, production, construction, commissioning and service resources. Ansaldo Energia proposes contracts that range from the co-design of complete plants (starting with the choice of location) through to project management as EPC Contractor , and from the construction of turbines and generators to the supply of spare parts and the provision of service and maintenance work for in service components based on its own and third party technology., and. The company also has a strategic presence in the renewable energy sector as well as in the nuclear one through its controlled company, Ansaldo Nucleare. Specialties Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Power Plant, Turbogenerator


    Via Nicola Lorenzi, 8, Genova, Italy

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  • Albero Bevilacqua

    at Ansaldo Energia

    Albero Bevilacqua
    at Ansaldo Energia
    Ansaldo Energia


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