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    Lineabeta has been dedicating herself in the bathroom accessories and furniture field for over 30 years until she becomes one of the top brands in Italy of its kind. It takes time, energy, experience, innovation, tenacity, creativity, analysis, bonding with the region, various choices over the time, and founder’s sharp soul. It takes all the elements or even more to make Lineabeta lasting and keep growing. An appropriate interpretation of Bauman’s glocalization: materials (glass, brass, stainless steel, ceramic, bamboo) come from an international contest, while people work in Italy or overseas depending on the most competitive locations for manufacturing and specialized processing, but rigorously the inspiration for the collections’ names is from Venetian dialect (Picola, Noanta, Skuara, Venessia, Canavera…). Thanks to our widespread distributions, as well as our 100% Italian creativity, Lineabeta’s accessories and furniture are exported globally, with 1.000.000 pieces of goods have been sold out in 65 countries. But what distinguishes Lineabeta from other brands is our constant effort on producing beautiful and durable items with reasonable prices in the global market. Specialties Bathroom, Design, Everyday design, Furniture


    Ss 11 km 331, Gambellara, Italy
    Phone: 0444644644


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