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Updated May 25, 2016 Edit
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    Douglas, Isle of Man

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    Full Banshee Horn System (Black). The Full Banshee Horn System (Black) comes with a super loud horn colored black, control unit, electrical connectors and ...
    The Screaming Banshee™ warning system empowers riders & drivers, with a patented warning system that easily fits to your vehicle. You’re stock horn remains for quick beeps, but when you press the horn button for more than ¼ second, then our 139 Decibel air horn blasts in conjunction with your high beams flashing. Background We are bringing to the market the first AUTOMATIC loud horn and headlight warning system. Using our system you can be heard by other motorists up to 3 streets away. Just use your regular horn button; the Banshee Horn system does the rest. It works great on all motorcycles, scooters, cars, in fact it’s very effective on just about anything that has an unimpressive horn. How easy is it to fit? Easy! We specifically designed this to be fitted by anyone with very basic mechanical skills. There are only a few wires to hook up and we will give you all the bits to easily attach the parts. We have a full installation section on this website and picture gallery showing how to fit this to your bike or car and can be downloaded once you purchase. Even if you hook this up totally backwards, you will not damage the Banshee Horn system or your bike – so relax and have fun installing this cool product.

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    10+ buyers and decision-makes have give Screaming Banshee EU excellent service.

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