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Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic

Health, Wellness and Fitness

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Updated May 25, 2016 Edit
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    Peel, Isle of Man

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    Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic

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    Health, Wellness and Fitness

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    Free Introductory Consultation We offer a free introductory consultation without any obligation to anyone seeking our help. You have the choice of male or
    Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic Private practice of Xavier Nathan and Mary Nathan. We help people address conditions such as depression, panic attacks, sleeping problems, sexual difficulties, irritable bowel, overweight, lack of confidence, fears, phobias, post traumatic stress, and smoking. More and more people are realising that some problems are created by the mind and as such need to be addressed by the mind. Analytical Hypnotherapy is hypnosis coupled with psychotherapy and is a treatment that aims at uncovering and resolving the underlying emotional root cause of a condition to release these repressed feelings and bring balance back into peoples' lives. We do not provide a quick fix nor do we give any guarantees of success. We help people reconnect with their own inner source of wisdom in order to heal themselves. The therapy we provide is a natural and ethical approach to healing conditions created by the mind and our success rate reflects that this holistic approach though it may take longer works and is lasting. Specialties Treatment of psychosomatic illnesses, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & sleeping difficulties., Pregnancy & Child Birth., Fears and phobias, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, .

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    10+ buyers and decision-makes have give Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic excellent service.

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